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Born in 960 under the name of Lin Moniang, in an island of Fujian Province; this woman forecasted one night in her dreams,
that her father and brothers going out to the sea, will meet storm and went rescue them.
Later, after its dead, she became the fishermen goddess in most regions of southest Asia.

During its design, we opted for a stem in 2 parts in favor of stiffness, essential when using large current handlebars.
Machined on all sides to get the best weight / rigidity possible, Mazu will surprise you with its design. It falls into the category of the lowest integrated stems in the market, with an handlebar rise of only 14mm !
The aluminum alloy used, the 7075-T6 provides mechanical properties much higher than the 6000 series alloys. Despite a higher cost, it was obvious to us to use it to optimize the characteristics of Mazu.
For its manufacture, the 3-axis CNC milling machine is turning 45min before to coming to the end of the 93gr aluminium !

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