Cydonia was launched in 2013 by a French Industrial Designer & mtb lover, William ORTIN; when he decided to move to Taichung City, the worldwide bicycle capital, in Taiwan.

There, with his company, he works in the core of the Bicycle Industry, as 80% of local bicycles factories are less than 2h away from the office.

This advantage allows Cydonia to develop in-house most of its products. It gives a real identity to the product; and not an umpteenth generic product shared under different brands.

Passionate by industrial production technologies and metals, Cydonia team design products minimalize as most as possible the plastics.

About production, all our sub-contractors are small-size companies and workers have good working conditions. When we visit them to do our QC, they are free to discuss with us (and trust us, it’s hard to speak 中文!!), we take lunch together, say jokes, …  far away from what we could imagine about Taiwanese working conditions.